Expansion of your hosting facility as a full service

We take care of the expansion of hosting facilities for our customers in order to develop your mining project into a scalable and long-term profitable business.

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Expansion of your hosting facility as a full service

The 4 pillars of our Buildout solution

Die verschinden Blockmine Standorte

Step 1

Search for locations

The experience from a variety of projects coupled with a global network help us to find the ideal locations and sites for new data centers.

Step 2

Cost-optimized energy concept

With proven strategies to reduce energy consumption and use resources efficiently, we improve the profitability of your mining project.

Infrastruktur von Blockmine

Step 3

Procurement of infrastructure and construction

We will procure the optimal infrastructure for your data center and implement the entire setup process quickly and safely.

Blockmines Rechenzentrum

Step 4

Operation and management of the data center

Our experts ensure minimal downtime and look for ways to optimize your mining performance.

Blockmine kümmert sich um das Buildout

Buildout complete solution

Our complete buildout solution saves you a lot of time and effort when developing your mining business. We take care of finding optimal land, sourcing the equipment and building your data center.

Blockmine bietet Energiekonzepte an

Energy concept

We develop sustainable energy concepts for our hosting facilities that minimize energy consumption during operation and enable the most efficient use of resources possible.

Blockmine kümmert sich um die Wartung

Ongoing maintenance & operation

Our on-site team of experts ensures smooth operations in your data center. Regular maintenance and targeted optimization of the ASIC miners provide the necessary efficiency for long-term profitable mining.

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Why is Blockmine the right choice for your investment?

For us, the success of your investment and reliable organization of your mining project are our top priority. As a German provider, we combine powerful, latest-generation hardware with optimal conditions at our hosting locations to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your mining investments.

What power sources does Blockmine use for its hosting locations?

Most sites use electricity from the conventional grid, which offers a mix of different energy sources. In some cases, we rely exclusively on renewable energy sources such as hydropower. These diverse energy options contribute to the sustainability and stability of your mining business.

What criteria does Blockmine use to select sites for new hosting facilities?

The selection of sites for new hosting facilities is based on several factors. These include the availability of low-cost and stable electricity, suitable network infrastructure, favorable climatic conditions for cooling the hardware, legal and regulatory frameworks and the security of the site. If you would like to know which locations are suitable for your new hosting facility, please contact us using the contact form.

Do you need advice?

In our state-of-the-art hosting facilities we offer optimal conditions for your ASIC miners.

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Hosting Services & Financing in Bitcoin Mining

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In addition to our solutions for expanding hosting facilities, we also take care of the secure hosting of your ASIC miners. You also have the option of choosing from various financing options to benefit from liquidity advantages for your mining project while always remaining flexible.