Flexible financing of your mining project

To invest in your new mining project, we offer you financing options that provide you with liquidity advantages and flexibility in payment.

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Leasing your ASIC miners

4 steps to leasing your ASIC miner

Our leasing offer protects your current cash flow and provides greater flexibility for further investments.

Step 1


Please feel free to contact us using the contact form or book an appointment directly via our website.

Answers to your questions about our products

Detailed information about our ASIC miners

Overview of the best offers for your destinations

Step 2

Analysis & Planning

Our experts will sit down with you to analyze your current situation and develop a concept for your mining project.

Analysis of your starting position and goals

Development of a strategy tailored to your needs

Ideal leasing plan for your mining project

Step 3

Individual offer

We will provide you with a leasing offer that is tailored to your current situation and with which you can consistently achieve your investment goals.

Leasing ASIC miners from market-leading manufacturers

Transparent offer at fair conditions

Flexible leasing period of 24, 36 or 48 months


Leasing your miners

In the final step, we organize the safe and fast delivery of the miners to your desired delivery location so that you can start mining immediately.

Lower initial investment required

High efficiency thanks to the latest generation of ASIC miners

Start mining quickly thanks to reliable delivery

Blockmine bietet Lösungen um Reparaturen durchzuführen

Liquidity benefits

The option to lease your ASIC miners ensures that your liquidity is kept to a minimum. This means that your cash flow remains at a consistently high level and you can benefit from greater flexibility for further investments.

Es besteht eine hohe Verfügbarkeit der Produkte


In our leasing contracts, you can choose between a term of 24, 36 or 48 months. This allows you to remain flexible and keep pace with changing requirements and technologies in Bitcoin mining.

Nur geringe Investitionen notwendig

Low initial investment

When leasing ASIC miners, you reduce the amount of your initial investment. This means that less capital is tied up in purchasing the hardware at the start of your mining project and you can take advantage of other investment options.

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Why is Blockmine the right choice for your investment?

For us, the success of your investment and reliable organization of your mining project are our top priority. As a German provider, we combine powerful, latest-generation hardware with optimal conditions at our hosting locations to maximize the efficiency and profitability of your mining investments.

Which miner is the best option for your mining project?

The choice of the best miners depends on your individual starting conditions and the goals you are pursuing with your investment in Bitcoin mining. We are happy to advise you to find the optimal solution for your requirements. Arrange a consultation using our contact form to receive a tailor-made recommendation.

Does Blockmine offer mining hardware repair services?

Yes, you can benefit from our own repair center in the US, where our experienced repair team will take care of the maintenance and repair of your hardware. This service offers a quick and reliable solution in case of hardware problems so that your mining activities can continue smoothly.

How to set up a mining pool and crypto wallet?

If you feel unsure about setting up a mining pool and a crypto wallet, you can count on our support. We offer you simple instructions and help, even if you have no previous experience. Your mining earnings go directly to your own pool and then to your wallet, which only you have access to.

What are the advantages of leasing ASIC miners?

Leasing ASIC miners can bring you several benefits:

  1. Lower initial investment: Leasing requires less capital than purchasing miners, reducing the initial investment cost.
  2. Flexibility: The duration of the leasing contracts can be chosen flexibly. This means you are not tied to a specific model in the long term and can adapt more easily to technological changes.
  3. Liquidity: Leasing keeps more capital liquid, which can be invested elsewhere.

For detailed advice on our leasing conditions, please contact us using our contact form .

Do you need advice?

In our state-of-the-art hosting facilities we offer optimal conditions for your ASIC miners.

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