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Mining Bundle's inkl. Hosting

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€1.900,00 Discount
Mining Bundle - 10X S19k Pro 120TH
Bitmain Mining Bundle - 10X S19k Pro 120TH
Special Price€18.000,00 EUR regular price€19.900,00 EUR
€9.500,00 Discount
Mining Bundle - 50X S19k Pro 120TH
Bitmain Mining Bundle - 50X S19k Pro 120TH
Special Price€90.000,00 EUR regular price€99.500,00 EUR
€1.900,00 Discount
Mining Bundle - 10X S21 200TH
Bitmain Mining Bundle - 10X S21 200TH
Special Price€42.000,00 EUR regular price€43.900,00 EUR
€14.500,00 Discount
Mining Bundle - 50X S21 200TH
Bitmain Mining Bundle - 50X S21 200TH
Special Price€205.000,00 EUR regular price€219.500,00 EUR

Infrastructure & Security

Our infrastructure provides energy-efficient cooling, uninterrupted power supply and advanced security for your ASIC miners. Our technicians ensure optimal performance and maximum uptime.

Customized solutions

We offer customized solutions to meet the specific needs of your mining business. Our team of experts will help you develop and implement the optimal hosting strategy for your ASIC miners.

Environmentally friendly operation

We use renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies to reduce the ecological footprint of your mining. Support a sustainable future for the crypto industry with our hosting service.

Hosted Hardware

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Antminer S21 Pro 234THAntminer S21 Pro 234TH
Bitmain Antminer S21 Pro 234TH
Special Priceab €4.990,00 EUR
Antminer S21 200THAntminer S21 200TH
Bitmain Antminer S21 200TH
Special Priceab €4.190,00 EUR
Antminer T21 190THAntminer T21 190TH
Bitmain Antminer T21 190TH
Special Priceab €3.490,00 EUR
Antminer S19k Pro 120THAntminer S19k Pro 120TH
Bitmain Antminer S19k Pro 120TH
Special Price€1.990,00 EUR
Antminer KS5 Pro 21THAntminer KS5 Pro 21TH
Bitmain Antminer KS5 Pro 21TH
Special Priceab €32.700,00 EUR
Antminer KS5 20THAntminer KS5 20TH
Bitmain Antminer KS5 20TH
Special Priceab €27.900,00 EUR
Antminer KS3 9.4THAntminer KS3 9.4TH
Bitmain Antminer KS3 9.4TH
Special Price€14.920,00 EUR
Antminer L7 9300MHAntminer L7 9300MH
Bitmain Antminer L7 9300MH
Special Price€6.690,00 EUR

Your hosting advantages:

Cheap electricity prices

Benefit from affordable electricity tariffs through our strategic partnerships with energy suppliers that reduce your operating costs, increase efficiency and promote sustainability while you focus on your mining business.

High availability

We are confident that our high-quality network infrastructure ensures a stable and reliable connection for your mining business. Benefit from high availability of at least 95% to maximize your profitability.

Regular maintenance

We carry out regular maintenance and optimizations to ensure that your ASIC miners are always state-of-the-art and performing at their maximum performance.

Spare parts service

We offer a spare parts service that ensures that your ASIC miners continue to operate even in the event of a hardware failure. Our team will take care of the quick replacement of defective components.

Payment & Term

We offer various payment options and flexible contract terms to maintain your liquidity. Our transparent pricing models allow you to accurately calculate your costs and potential profits.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to answer your questions and resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently. We are here to provide you with a smooth mining experience.

Ask for a quote:

Hosting - FAQ

Blockmine offers hosting services only for new generation ASICs. – The minimum quantity for hardware purchased directly from Blockmine is 1 piece. Hardware purchased externally can be accommodated in hosting for a quantity of 10 or more devices. The price of hardware purchased directly from Blockmine includes shipping, import tax fees and setup. The energy consumption rate includes the parking space, direct support, operations, firmware updates and on-site technicians. Repair services are billed separately.

The minimum term of the hosting service is 24 months. Depending on the location, the term can also be extended to 36 or 48 months.

Yes. The fee depends on the location and is usually 2 average months of consumption.

We currently accept USDC, USDT, EUR, CHF and USD.

Yes, we have our own repair center in the USA. Our hosting facilities in Asia also have on-site repair centers.

Blockmine and our network partners currently operate data centers in North America, Europe and Russia. For the safety of our customers, we have a strict access policy. A scheduled visit can be arranged.

Yes, most locations have 24/7 camera surveillance and additional security staff.

Even if you have no experience, we will help you set up a mining pool and a crypto wallet. All mining proceeds go directly into your mining pool, where all funds go directly into your wallet, which only you have access to.

This depends on the location. At most locations, Blockmine uses electricity from the conventional grid, which uses a mix of energy sources. At some locations, only renewable energy sources such as hydropower are used.