The world of technology is advancing rapidly and we are moving towards the fourth industrial revolution, an era in which digitalization and technology will affect us in all areas of life and embed us in society.

A significant technological advancement of mankind is blockchain technology and artificial intelligence technology. What our environment and society will look like in a few decades is probably beyond our imagination.

Blockmine has dedicated itself to this exciting topic. Blockmine's goal is to take, develop and advance valuable technologies. The focus here is primarily on decentralized technologies such as blockchain technology – technologies from people for people.


After founding in 2019 and building the first data centers in Russia, the company expanded its locations to Eastern Europe and the USA in 2020.

As an innovation-oriented company, we see ourselves as a leading provider of solutions for institutional clients and family offices interested in sustainable, valuable technologies.

The key to a sustainable technological contribution to our society lies in the performance of a company. For this reason, Blockmine focuses primarily on providing access to sustainable global energy hotspots where abundant energy remains unused or is unnecessarily disposed of as waste.

Blockmine's goal is to harness the world's surplus energy for technological advancement with the highest possible efficiency, with a focus on renewable energy.


Blockmine Data GmbH has its origins in Germany and specialized early on in digital currencies (values) and the construction and operation of high-performance data centers. The focus is on hardware procurement and high-performance computing (HPC), which also includes blockchain technology including the mining of cryptocurrencies, as well as the field of artificial intelligence.

Blockmine offers professional market participants access to promising technologies as well as the cryptocurrency market and the underlying technologies through tailor-made concepts.

Blockmine has offices in Ulm and Frankfurt am Main as well as other locations in North America, Eastern Europe and Russia.