Antminer L9 16GH (Bundle)


€3.000,00  Discount
3360 watts
210 Watt / TH

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The ANTMINER L9 from Bitmain with a maximum hashrate of 16 GH/s and a power consumption of 3360 W ±5% has been specially developed for mining the Scrypt algorithm . With an energy efficiency of 210 W/GH, the L9 offers outstanding performance with minimal energy consumption. The mining servers are easy to deploy and adapt to mining farms of different sizes.

400x195x290 watts

Hosting Conditions

Reservation of slots:

After you place your order, hosting slots are automatically reserved for the number of devices ordered at the respective location. This process secures your hosting capacity and ensures that your devices are accommodated.

Conclusion of contract:

The hosting contract will be created within 24 hours of your order being placed. The terms of this contract will be determined according to the tariff list. The contract will be sent to you via DocuSign for signature.

Contracting partner:

The hosting service is provided by Blockmine Inc, based in the United States. Our hosting partner is your direct contact and responsible for all aspects of the hosting contract.

Hosting price list:

Finland (HEL#1)
up to 299 kW:
Setup fee
239€/per unit
from 300 kW:
auf Anfrage!
United States (TX#2)
up to 299 kW:
Setup fee:
99€/per unit
from 300 kW:
auf Anfrage!

Delivery options

Regular delivery:

The exact VAT amount will be calculated automatically during checkout. Please note that for deliveries to countries outside the EU you as the customer are responsible for all import costs and applicable fees.

Hosting Center:

If you choose the "Hosting Center" option, your hardware will be sent directly to our hosting partner or to the respective selected data center. We assume responsibility for transporting the hardware to the hosting center. With this option, a net invoice is issued if the hardware is not imported into the EU.

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